Career Summary

As a business manager, Jonathan Scott was credited with tripling productivity, reducing costs by up to 40%, and increasing net profits by over 50%. In addition, he pioneered multi-million dollar projects in parts of the world where they previously did not exist and improved one business so much it was later acclaimed (and documented) as "the best (of its kind) in the country".

To date, Scott has accumulated over twenty-eight years of work and managerial experience in North America, the Middle East, Europe, South America and Asia. Along the way he turned-around three businesses (one occurred in a war zone).

As an award-winning university lecturer and educator, Scott has taught at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University), the Lorange Institute (Zurich, Switzerland), Bradford University (Bradford, UK), the Audencia Nantes Business School (Nantes, France), the University of Perugia (Italy) and Kozminski University (Warsaw, Poland). His speciality subjects include entrepreneurship, management, and sustainability.

Currently, Scott is the founder and director of the Center for Industrial Productivity and Sustainability (CIPS), which works in conjunction with the Product-Life Institute (Geneva, Switzerland), EFMD - the European Foundation for Management Development (Brussels, Belgium), and other organizations to help generate long-term wealth, facilitate job creation, and maximize resource efficiency.

CIPS is now putting together sustainability-based business-development programs for the United Nations (UNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP, UNEP, UNOPS and WHO), the Yueda Group (China), ECR Polska (Poland), and others. The programs walk businesses through the introductory stages of sustainable development by focusing on cost-savings and revenue enhancement (waste elimination and resource-life extension) and building in-house proficiency coupled with cooperative networking. Measurable results are mandatory and help build a solid and lasting foundation.
Just as important, the basics can be easily adopted and administered by any business, business school, or professional organization (even local governments and industrial zones).

Scott's books include: The Sustainable Business, (2013), which has been translated into both Mandarin and Simplified Chinese (Arabic translations are due to be released June 2014), as well as the accompanying workbooks The Sustainable Business Workbook: Waste-Elimination (2013) and The Sustainable Business Workbook: Resource-Life Extension (2014). Both workbooks are co-authored with Walter R. Stahel.

Additional books include: The Concise Handbook of Management (2005), Managing the New Frontiers (2008), The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Successful Business (2009) and Fundamentals of Leisure Business Success (1998) -- as well as the critically-acclaimed action/adventure novel On Wings (2007).